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The General Data Protection Regulation is Coming fast: Will you be ready for 2018?

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As of 2018, every organization that does business in the EU will have to meet new data protection rules, or pay a steep fine. Compliance requires precise knowledge of the data you store and process, and the right data management policy across your organization.

Read our GDPR eBook and make sure you’re on track to meet the 2018 deadline.

Download GDPR eBook

Watch our webinar featuring guest speaker independent Forrester Research analyst Enza Iannopollo GDPR: Creating the right basis now for compliance in 2018 and beyond

Join independent research analyst Enza Iannopollo from Forrester Research and Michiel Jorna, Director Global Industry Solutions at Software AG, to learn what steps you need to be taking now to meet the 2018 GDPR deadline. Find out what tools are available to help you master the immediate challenge while building a foundation for sustainable GDPR compliance.

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Read the Gartner report: Focus on Five High-Priority Changes to Tackle the EU GDPR

The European General Data Protection Regulation will have a global impact as of 2018. IT leaders confronted with the many changes should prioritize efforts where they are most needed. To tackle the top five high-priority changes and get up to speed with GDPR requirements, you need to:

  • Determine how your role will support GDPR compliance
  • Appoint your data protection officer
  • Demonstrate accountability in all processing activities
  • Check your cross-border data flows
  • Prepare for data subjects exercising their rights
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Watch our on-demand webinar: Real World Challenges with GDPR Learn how Telia is approaching them

Rather than seeing GDPR as a burden, organizations should consider this new regulation as an opportunity for assessing their current situation. They can then build a data driven business that customers will be happy to rely on.

Hear first-hand from Telia's Chief Security Architect, Kaapro Kanto and KPMG's Senior Manager, Kristian Backman, on how Telia has embraced real world challenges with GDPR by preparing the business to operate in a new era of data protection.

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Kristian Backman
Senior Manager, KPMG
Kaapro Kanto
Chief Architect, Security & Privacy, Telia

A GDPR framework Your first line of defense for GDPR Compliance

Based on decades of expertise in process analysis, enterprise architecture and governance, risk and compliance, Software AG equips you with a GDPR framework built on six enablers to make your company GDPR-ready.

Data transparency

Data transparency

Your company has no shortage of data about customers and employees. But without a doubt, you don’t have complete knowledge as to all its whereabouts, its composition, its usage, how it was captured and how well it is being protected – at least not at the level of detail required by GDPR. Software AG gives you the means to fully comply with GDPR restrictions on personal data with solutions to properly classify the data you have and build a comprehensive record of processing activities and business processes. You’ll be able to satisfy customer inquiries and requests competently, and react quickly and effectively in the event of a data breach.

Reporting efficiency

Communication will be both a strategic and tactical strategy against compliance violation. If you can ensure stakeholders both internal (employees, subsidiaries, outsourcers) and external (customers, auditors and business partners) get the information they need, when they need it and in a palatable form, you’ve won half the battle. Use Software AG’s powerful reporting capabilities to deliver compliance status and progress reports for every audience, compile evidence of lawful processing for auditors and certification boards, and totally fulfill disclosure requests from data subjects.

Reporting efficiency
Company-wide commitment

Company-wide commitment

Even the slightest misstep in handling personal data could put your company at risk of non-compliance. Make sure everyone in your company understands the basic underpinnings of GDPR, their specific role in the matter, and, especially, what’s at stake – huge fines and a damaged reputation. Software AG’s GDPR solution, with its enterprise-wide reach, ensures you can effectively communicate and enforce your policies, principles, and procedures for compliance. Conduct readiness surveys and regular trainings – in particular, what to do in case of a data breach – to help foster personal engagement.

Risk sensitivity

The frenetic pace of our highly competitive digital marketplace and daily pressures to meet work demands can make risk seem like an afterthought. Yet, as GDPR demonstrates, data protection and security demand greater attention in the digital age – ignore it at your own risk! Make risk awareness universal to your business operations with Software AG’s solution to integrate impact analysis, risk assessment and mitigation into business processes. We’ll even help you identify where to direct your energy with issue and incident tracking capabilities.

Risk sensitivity
Informed transformation

Informed transformation

The authors of the GDPR recognize that the business world keeps evolving. They mandate privacy impact assessments when you introduce new technologies. This means for every software tool and process you add, you need to establish a risk-aware IT planning procedure for GDPR assessment. You also have to assess existing projects for GDPR-relevance and revise them accordingly. Use Software AG’s GDPR solution to implement privacy-by-design requirements, coordinate and synchronize all parts of the enterprise on planned changes, and work collaboratively with business to assess impact of GDPR on digitalization strategy. Move forward confidently on business and IT innovation with Software AG’s “whole-view” business and IT strategic planning and compliance platform.

Customer intimacy

Some are concerned that GDPR will put a dent in companies’ digitalization strategies. But the truth of the matter is that when it comes to delivering a superior customer experience, GDPR presents the opportunity to add data protection rights to your portfolio of personalized services.. Software AG’s strong business process analysis and customer journey mapping capabilities help you assess the impact of GDPR on your digitalization strategy and the customer experience you offer. It will also show you where data capture occurs to provide GDPR-mandated information and where to implement “right-to-know” touchpoints.

Customer intimacy

Start Now

GDPR will affect every organization doing business in the European Union by 2018. The time to build your compliance strategy is: NOW. Talk to one of our GDPR experts to find out about the most urgent actions you need to take care of.

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